The brand

EXIS was born from an illusion, a passion for watches and their most minimalist lines. With a simple and elegant style, this is how the brand itself is created. Based in Spain, more specifically in Mallorca, our philosophy has a very marked Mediterranean current. We like to enjoy the good times, the sun, the sea, the tranquility that characterizes the islanders.

Mark your X

For this reason, EXIS is created, a brand that is represented with a simple X. How many times has an unforgettable memory started with an unknown? With a crossroads? On all maps, the treasure is marked with an X. The company starts from this premise, to collect all the meanings that this symbol conveys to us and translate it into a simple and elegant design.

Less is more

In our watches we want to transmit safety, quality and satisfaction. For this reason, a lot of care has been transmitted in the design and materials. We want you to be proud of your little piece of bracelet jewelry.

Discover the collections

Thanks to the minimalist designs, EXIS watches match any occasion. We encourage you to take a look at our men's and women's collection.