¿Por qué EXIS?


Many times we wonder why the names or logos of the brands. what meaning do they have? or what do they want to tell us with it? At EXIS Watches we want to explain the meaning of everything.

EXIS Watches was born from an illusion for watches from many years ago, from many years of research and experimentation to obtain a way of doing things different from other watch brands and to be proud of it.

Then came EXIS, an easy to remember and catchy name, which reminds you of many things. An elegant yet simple name, just the style marked in our collection of watches, simple but elegant lines, promoting less is more with finishes that make EXIS watches a small work of art.

Let's put emphasis on the logo, an X, what does the X remind us of? to an unknown in mathematics, a goal on a map, a crossroads, but, above all, the mark where the treasure is located . For everything described above there is EXIS, our philosophy is focused on inspiring all those meanings together in a wristwatch.

With what was described above, the Advanced women's watch collection and the Eminent men's watch collection have been created. Two collections to start a movement, a start for everyone to mark their X.

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