La inspiración mediterránea

Mediterranean inspiration

What is the Mediterranean feeling for you? EXIS Watches was born within a unique feeling of belonging, rooted in customs, in a unique lifestyle. As we have already mentioned, the watch brand was born on the island of Mallorca. For Mallorcans proud of their "rock", as many call it. And because?

We can say that the Mediterranean gives you an incomparable freshness, wonderful resources and an enviable calm. And if you live on an island, these sensations are even more accentuated. EXIS extracts a little bit of each of those feelings. The calm of living in a more leisurely way than in big cities, the excellence of unique places, the exclusivity of the corners of the Serra de Tramuntana and the happiness of being surrounded by the Mediterranean Sea.

And why do they call it “his rock”? The Mallorcans are far from closed to their visitors, on the contrary, we are delighted that people from abroad come to see with their own eyes the wonder of the place. What a Mallorcan does look for is that you treat the island with the same care and feeling that we do. Mallorca, the Balearic Islands in general are a unique enclave that we must all protect and respect.

EXIS seeks the same, to convey the feeling and affection dedicated to the manufacture of watches to buyers. We want our customers to be proud to say, I have found my EXIS , and I am going to take care of it and wear it with pride.

EXIS is like Mallorca , we like to soak up everything, a boat trip, a trip to the mountains, enjoy a day at the beach... but always with the same pattern, calm and serenity.

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